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Find Process Servers, Paralegals, P.I's, Courthouse Messengers and Mobile Notary Signing Agents.

We simplified the process of what used to be a time consuming and marginally productive task to find agents and made it significantly easier. is the only platform that saves time, lowers costs and simultaneously populates lowest fee quotes from numerous agents. Our unique system is saving industry and professionals thousands of hours and millions of dollars per year by offering a better and more productive way to hire agents.

Our unique system transforms the time consuming and at times frustrating task of searching for a legal support agent, normally taking up to a half hour or more, into just a few minutes. Our technology lowers costs, saves time and increases overall productivity by a minimum seventy percent.

Your experience starts with submitting one simple request form. Within minutes, you will start receiving responses from numerous agents who are eager to offer you information and lowest fee quotes.


"CLIENT-USERS" who frequently utilize our directory are Law Firms; Attorneys; Paralegals; Corporate Counsel; Lenders, Government Agencies; Finance; Collection; Insurance; Settlement Companies; Legal Support Service Companies; Banks; Loan, Mortgage, and Title companies seeking the assistance of legal support Agents who offer competitive quotes in real time.


"AGENTS AND VENDORS" listed in our directory are: Process Servers; Private Investigators; Constables; Judicial Officers; Mobile Notary; Traveling Loan, Closing and Signing Agents; Courthouse Messengers; Legal Support Service Companies and Contract Paralegals Who Offer Lowest Fee Quotes and Dependable On Time Services.

"CLIENT-USERS and VENDOR - AGENTS" who are authenticated through our sign up process and maintain an active account are referred to as "MEMBERS." All Members are permitted unlimited access to the resources and functions provides at no cost.

The ecosystem provides a less work technology platform, greater productivity and better results. Ii is where lower costs guarantee you greater success. And, when you have more legal support Agents to choose from, your level of stress is notably reduced. In other words, "More or less, our system is the best."


This is your chance to break away from passive methods and old habits and to start utilizing an entirely new and innovative platform which is essential to the success of your job, business and the entire industry." JHL, C.T.O.


The Largest Directory of Legal Support Service Providers in the World

List of Process Servers; Constables, Private Investigators; Mobile Notary, Closing and Loan Signing Agents; Judicial Officers, Courthouse Messengers; and Contract On Demand Paralegals.

The OLD WAY of manually searching around for and trying to find legal support Agents on the internet is now considered waisting time. Calling around and sending multiple email, only to experience no, slow or poor responses, is also unproductive. Even more old school, is paying high service fees when it is absolutely not necessary. Simply put, the OLD WAY is the wrong way.


The NEW WAY is to utilize the platform and have it do all the work for you. Just send our simple request form, wait a few minutes, and voilà you will start receiving numerous responses from our network of legal support Agents as to their availability and lowest fee quote offerings.

''Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.'' HENRY FORD

"Has anyone ever suggested you simplify your life? Well, now you can. Becoming a Member will contribute to the quality of your work, increase efficiency and save up to seventy-five percent of the time you spend waiting for returned calls and email, which may or may not ever happen." JHL, C.T.O.

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"My life has become a joke… so a non joke would be more surprising" JHL


Is it true legal support agents from around the world can list their business in the Directory for Free?

Yes, we encourage all legal support agents to join our network to list in our directory. We are an inclusive and diverse network directory and offer open access to EVERYONE, provided they sign up properly, obtain authorization and authentication. There is no cost to get listed and there are no limitations as to where and how many locations to list. Actually, its quite simple, and only takes a few minutes.

What is the difference between a “Client-User” and a legal support service “Agent”?

A “Client-User” is anyone who accesses our platform for the purpose of connecting with specialized legal support Agents to receive multiple quotes and availability information. Client-Users are mainly attorneys, law firms, lenders, finance, mortgage companies, title agencies, government offices, corporations, paralegal professionals, and legal support service companies. Client-Users of our platform all have one main similarity; they are looking for a better, lower cost and efficient method to easily find Agents and the best quotes.

A Legal Support Services “Agent” refers to skilled and dependable members of our directory who provide specialized services and offer competitive quotes. Legal support Agents on this platform are: Process Servers; Constables, Judicial Officers, Private Investigators; Mobile Notary, Loan and Signing Agents; remote / virtual /on-demand Attorneys, Courthouse Messengers; and, Paralegal Professionals.

Members of are:

"CLIENT-USERS and LEGAL SUPPORT AGENTS" authenticated through our sign up process and maintain an active account are referred to as "MEMBERS." Members are permitted unlimited access to all resources and functions provides at no cost.

The ecosystem is where less work means more productivity. Where lower costs guarantees greater success. And, more legal support Agents to choose from reduces stress and frustration. More or less, our system is the best.

What is the best way to describe what the platform does? is a directory information technology company that allows its Client-Users to find specific legal support Agents who perform services on behalf of Law Firms, Attorneys, Government Agencies, Lenders, Finance, Title, Closing and Mortgage Companies anywhere in the world. Simply put, we provide Client-Users access to the largest pool of specialized legal support Agents who offer the best fees and immediate availability. Client-Users experience finding multiple Agents in a fraction of the time it takes to perform this task the “old way.” Now finding many Agents to choose from is faster, easier and more efficient than ever!

How does distinguish itself from other legal support directories? is the largest network directory of specialized legal support Agents. This directory lists Agents who offer services and proudly agree to our best quote policy. All communications and contact is made through our secure proprietary platform and connects more Client-Users to Agents than any other directory in the world. Agents are available to assist with offering the best services at the lowest fees. No other directory can offer what we provide.

Client-Users only fill out one request form which is instantly sent to numerous legal support Agents who match the Client-Users needs. Multiple Agents receive requests from Client-Users and respond back with quotes. There is no other interactive directory in the world that connects multiple people with shared interests, with just one click. Our platform simplifies the fastest way to connect and confirm services.

Is available to everyone?

Yes, we allow for any reputable person to use our platform; its free. Anyone seeking a specialized legal support service is offered access to connect with Agents who provide services anywhere in the world. We do require you utilize our sign-up form and get authenticated before you will be granted access to our website. Signing up only takes a few minutes and you only have to sign up once. After you sign up you will have your own account number, log in page, and be able to use our website as often as needed.

What fees and expenses are required to use the website directory to find legal support Agents?

There are no fees or expenses to access our website. We list Agents as Process Servers; Constables, Private Investigators; Mobile Notary, Closing, Loan and Signing Agents; Judicial Officers, Courthouse Messengers; Paralegal Professionals contact information for FREE. There is NO charge to anyone who wishes to use this website.