Get Lowest Fee Quotes within Minutes, Not Hours is an interactive platform where legal support Agents offer competitive quotes with the hope of winning the request for service. Our prominent competitive quoting feature permits Client-Users and legal support Agents to communicate in a secure environment from any location in the world.

Our time saving competitive quoting feature creates unlimited opportunities from around the corner to across the world. We help members conduct their business dealings better and faster than any other platform.

Utilizing real time communications, via our platform, guarantees to save time, increase productivity and significantly lower the cost of each transaction. facilitates online hundreds of inquiries per minute. We are the only worldwide interactive directory that lists legal support Agents who offer the lowest fees and dependable services within specific geographic location(s) anywhere in the world.

The Worlds Largest List of Legal Support Agents.

The most robust digital platform directory for bringing business professionals together to collaborate for shared goals and successful results.

Now you can find multiple legal support Agents who operate efficiently and guarantee saving time and lowering costs.

Legal support Agents listed within the directory are: Process Servers; Mobile Notary, Loan, Closing and Signing Agents; Private Investigators; Collection Agencies, Courthouse Messengers; Constables, Judicial Officers, and Virtual Contract Paralegals. is known for providing its members the following benefits:

  • ~ With a simple click, finding numerous legal support Agents in the location(s) where services are needed.

  • ~ Empowering Client-Users with efficient digital technology to assist with receiving multiple quotes in a fraction of the time it takes using old tasking methods and other directories.

  • ~ Experience faster, better, and streamlined assistance with a secure cloud based private account, unlimited storage and transaction management capabilities.

  • ~ Making jobs easier, lowering stress, and higher levels of success

  • ~ A no cost solution to accessing a worldwide user friendly directory of legal support Agents

Offering and Receiving Quotes The Efficient Way offers no cost search and find Agent options that are easier, less expensive, and more efficient! was designed to allow you to conduct search and find functions to find Agents who offer the least expensive fees and the best services. is an auction / quoting / bidding directory that allows you to choose Agents (who bid for your service request) from the largest network of collaborating members with one simple click. Agents compete to offer you the best quotes and services available.

Now and for the first time, you can connect simultaneously with numerous Agents within a specific geographical location and receive low fee quotes, review profiles, at the same time. Some may say we are taking the go-between middleman out of the equation by connecting members directly. That assertion is entirely correct. Lowering fees and reducing expenses are everyone's priority and we figured out a method and way to guarantee that. The proprietary directory, through the use of its patent pending technology saves up to 75% of your time; and, we are not stopping here! We will be adding additional functionality, more services and updating our platform to keep ease of use, greater selections, and your success in mind.

Inventing, developing and operating the largest digital organic footprint platforms dating back to 1997, is the newest platform. is a fourth generation zero carbon platform formalized in 2020 by the groundbreaking pioneers and technically skilled leaders of A.C.E., Inc.

Our learning curve and expertise for the past two decades comes from handling more than one million transactions as Agents. We learned from our growth and experienced the inefficiency of searching for and finding qualified Agents who offer the best quotes. As such, we developed a user-friendly platform to disrupt the old slow and inefficient ways of the legal, corporate, collections, and financial sectors, with an innovative cost effective and time saving way of connecting Client-Users with numerous Agents unavailable elsewhere., and A.C.E., Inc., collaboratively possess the most advanced online directory in the world. has quickly become an emerging and global directory used by top law firms, major real estate companies, government agencies, collection agencies, sole practitioners, corporations, and finance companies.

Make it easy on yourself. Join us, become a member, use us, and connect to the newest way to save time and cut costs. Let our advanced AI data functions simply your task. Just submit one request form and tap one click to send it, will get you immediate access to the best and most comprehensive directory in the world.

Your Own Secure Personal Account

When you sign up and become an authenticated member of our platform you will receive you own account number, a private and secure desktop manager, and have immediate and unlimited access. Its easy becoming a Client-User and or a Agent and you can do so within minutes. Feel free to use our resources and take advantage of our many features designed to save time, lower costs and overhead. Now you can experience the new no cost way to list your business or managing search and find Agent tasks.


Q & A About Client-Users and Legal Support Agents:

What is a Client-User and an Agent?

A “Client-User” is a person, such as a Paralegal, Corporate Employee, Lender, or an Attorney, seeking assistance with finding a Process Server, Mobile Notary, Loan, Signing or Closing Agents; Private Investigator, and or a Courthouse Courier.

A Legal Support “Agent” is the person who performs specialized services such as, but not limited to, serving a subpoena, delivering court documents, traveling notarized legal documents, retrieving court papers, and or investigating a serious matter.

What offers is an opportunity to bring Client-Users and legal support Agents together with our one click technology platform. There is NO cost to use our platform and Agents can list their services in the directory for free. We are the largest international directory with advanced technology in the world. Our mission as a directory is to bring Client-Users and legal support Agents together so they can increase productivity, reduce costs and lower expenses. Anyone within the legal, finance, real estate, government, collection agency, and corporate sectors looking for new and innovative ways to increase revenues and profits must use platformed directory; its like having a robot employee working for you all the time.

Many I ask who A.C.E, Inc. is?

A.C.E., Inc. is the d/b/a corporate name of our company since 1999. A.C.E., Inc., was formerly known as Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation, a Private Investigation and Nationwide Process Service agency (A9900347) for more than twenty five years. A.C.E. is the acronym for the long former corporate name. “A” is the first letter of Agency; “C” is the first letter of Civil; and, “E” is the first letter of Enforcement.

How is A.C.E., Inc today different than it was twenty five years ago?

Through the years, we pursued various business ventures within the legal profession and diligently invented relevant technology projects designed to facilitate and simplify Finding Process Servers, Private Investigators, Mobile Notary and Signers, Courthouse Couriers, Attorneys, and various other professional Agents features.

A.C.E. is no longer operating as an active Private Investigation or Process Server agency. We do NOT provide any Agent support services. We only manage this directory and other directories.

Since Agency for Civil Enforcement Corp or A.C.E., Inc no longer offers hands-on, end to end services, is the name A.C.E. still relevant?

Yes. The name A.C.E., Inc has been updated and is now A.C.E. Technology, Inc. The original A.C.E. acronym has been retired and replaced by a more relevant and applicable meaning. A.C.E. today best represents our overall feelings about what we offer as a platform-based directory service. A.C.E. is now the acronym for: Access, Connecting and Ease of Use.

Access to the largest directory of Agents with our one click technology.

Connecting you, live, to multiple Agents anywhere in the world

Easy to find multiple Agents who offer immediate assistance and competitive quotes

A.C.E. currently leverages new and innovative proprietary methods by utilizing and living by the “A.C.E. Technology Strategy”:


What and Who is is interactive directory that connects people seeking and or providing specialized services for the lowest competitive fees. directory members collaborate to connect with Agents to obtain the lowest fee quotes for anticipated services. Agents found on our platform are: Courthouse Messengers; Mobile Notary, Loan, Closing, and Signing Agents; Virtual Paralegal Agents; Process Servers; Judicial Officers; Constables, and Private Investigators.

What relationship does have to A.C.E., Inc.? is the domain and website name of this proprietary platform and is an interactive international directory owned and operated exclusively by A.C.E., Inc.

Is there any significance to the suffix “I A M” at the end of your QUOTES domain name?

Yes. “I” “A” “M” is the suffix of our domain name and is an acronym for what we guarantee our members. is an auction site whereby members interact for the purposes of finding the best Agents who compete for service requests by offering the lowest fee. The ecosystem offers members the greatest opportunity to conduct business transactions through a platform that saves significant time and increases productivity. No other directory in the world operates in a green, seamless, real TIME environment and guarantees to lower costs by at least 75%.

I. Intuitive Technology

A. Always Fast and Accurate

M. Manage Secure Data and Ease of Access