NO Fees, Unlimited Access andOne Click Technology

Why Not Use the Directory? NO Fee is the Best Quote We Can Offer! does not charge listing or usage fees to its members. As the leading directory in the legal, lender, finance, collections, real estate, government, and finance sectors, we offer Client-Users and Agents open and unlimited access for free. However, we do charge legal support Agents, a nominal surcharge, to participate in a quoting process whereby they have the option of bidding and quoting, or accepting or not accepting a service request. No pressure here!

Should a legal support Agent participate in quoting for a service, the Agent will incur a 3.00 surcharge to participate in an entry level and basic quoting process. Each Agent and has the option of paying an additional 2.25 to 10.00 surcharge for a PREMIUM process of quoting and connecting to active Client-Users. The surcharge basically covers the costs incurs to host the site, manage the business, and keeping all functions operational.

Client-Users Service Surcharge:

Client-Users who are seeking Agent assistance, do not incur any service fees or surcharges. Access to and unlimited use of the directory is free.

Base Service Surcharge:

ASK YOURSELF, Would you rather have ninety-seven percent of something (a New Service) or 100% of nothing (no service)? Spending a few bucks for a lead is your choice, not ours. Its optional when it works for you.

The base service surcharge for legal support Agents to interact with a user is 3.00.

Premium Service Surcharge:

This surcharge is only applied when the Agent requests to have access to additional information from the user. The premium surcharge places legal support Agents to the front of the line and accelerates the overall confirmation process.

No Fees:

The above is all there is to know about fees. There are NO fees, costs or expenses to become an active member (user or legal support Agent) of the Directory