QUOTESiam.com Offers Incentives to Members Only

Earn currency tokens without paying for them.


Tokens are paid to legal support Agents for referring other Agents to sign up. For each referral and successful sign up, we will place two tokens in your digital wallet.

Place the QUOTESiam.com logo and URL (website link) on your site and get paid two tokens per month for twelve months.

Author an article or blog, more than 400 words, and receive eight tokens

Provide current email addresses and corresponding contact names of possible Client-Users so we can introduce them to QUOTESiam.com. Earn five tokens per 200 active contacts. Information must be submitted in an excel format

After legal support Agents use a minimum 250 tokens, receive ten tokens free.

Receive five tokens for offering a unique suggestion or idea, if used.

Receive twenty tokens for successfully influencing any reputable state or national association to list with QUOTESiam.com

Send Invitations by email, cc’ing QUOTESiam.com, to anyone who could benefit from use of its platform. Emails should be directed to Agents and Client-Users. Receive five tokens per 100 email. The essence of your involvement is to be rewarded with tokens for your participation assisting with expanding the QUOTESiam.com directory.


Our reward program involves offering for reciprocal advertising opportunities. QUOTESiam.com offers rewards to bar associations, national associations, internet groups, businesses, chambers, state associations, legal support Agents, and Client-Users. Our reward opportunities offered are for placing ads or back links in the QUOTESiam.com directory. This reward has obvious advantages however, to take advantage of the reward, we require reciprocity.

Here is the deal to claim your reward. We list your entity in the QUOTESiam.com directory and, you list QUOTESiam.com on your website. We are both rewarded by increasing our exposure to the world and hopefully realizing more traffic and greater interest to our websites.

QUOTESiam.com members who are challenged by poor or no website productivity can request a free audit. We will examine your website and provide you with a detailed explanation how to improve it. Send us an email with your website name (URL / domain name) and we will send back our audited results. We will try to help you, and there is no charge.

If you do not have a website and are considering developing one, we will provide you with a domain to use for free. We own and manage the largest domain name portfolio in the legal, real estate, mortgage, and finance world and can provide a domain name for free. If we do not have a domain name for your particular needs, we will buy it for you. Again, it is fee when you are a member of QUOTESiam.com If you would be interested in more than one website, we will consider offering you multiple domain names. Your level of participation with QUOTESiam.com will be used to determine how many domain names we may offer you.